Wooden Mini Rainbow Mushroom Cupcake Topper – set of 6


Wooden Mini Rainbow Mushroom Cupcake Topper - set of 6 (175)

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= Handmade by Woodrock Turning =
These are hand turned and hand painted in Brisbane, Australia from locally sourced wood.

This is a decoration picks for cupcake or normal cake, Of course you can use it as ornament for your fairy gardens or under the bonsai tree as well :)
Have a cupcake party or birthday party, baby shower, wedding… this will also be a little gift for your guests☆

This is a re-useable cake picks.
It comes with bamboo sticks, It is not glued on which mean you can change the sticks after use.
(You can use normal tooth picks)
Don’t wash these picks. Wipe with dumped cloth and dry.

You can still put these in outdoor fairy gardens but color will faded away.
It’s painted with acrylic paint and a clear lacquer to finish.

This is not ceramic or pottery, which means you don’t need to worry about being injured by broken pieces.

Diameter approximately 2cm x H 2.5cm

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