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Cold process handmade soap from Mnaturalz.
No Preservatives, No Animal fats, All Natural Vegan Soap.

Wa series soap make use of Japanese traditional beauty ingredients. Japanese women have been using Mother of Nature’s gifts from the earth and the sea to nourish and beautify their skin since ancient time.

Azuki(Red beans) was one of the main products used for washing the face and body before soap was introduced in Japan.

Azuki contain “saponin,” which is a natural cleansing agent that removes old keratin, sebum and dirt from pores. Also saponin reduce excessive sebum production that useful for pimples and acne skin problems.

■□■ Indication ■□■
All skin types, especially useful for oily and oily combination skin.

■□■ Ingredients ■□■
Olive oil, Purified Water, Rice bran oil, Coconut oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Grapeseed oil, Sustainable Palm oil, Castor oil, Lemon Myrtle Essential oil, Lemongrass Essential oil, Lemon Essential oil

■□■ Weight ■□■
115g / 4 OZ (approximate)
Please note, all my soaps are hand-cut and gift ready, so weighs are approximate
Each bar is individually shrink wrapped and labeled with ingredients.

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